Doug Vinning futurist

Doug Vining is a business and technology futurist and partner at Futureworld.

Doug is an experienced technology and strategy consultant, with a particular emphasis on leveraging internet technologies to grow customer and business networks. His abiding fascination with emerging technology of all types, from nanotech and biotech to 3D printing and clean energy, is only eclipsed by his firm conviction that communication technology is behind the explosive growth in knowledge on all fronts in recent decades.

With a rich career history from advertising to corporate consulting, including several spells as an entrepreneur and working for major technology companies like IBM, Doug has seen many innovations come and go. He believes that innovation should have real commercial applications, and that many of the world’s problems can be solved with technology.

Doug’s chapter in The Future Starts Now focuses on Flying into the Future and looks at the future of aerial transportation (or lack thereof).

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