Theo priestley

Theo is the world’s first anti-futurist. 

He’s spoken around the world hundreds of industry conferences, advised blue-chip clients, written leading business publications, on technology trends and their impact on society and business.

In the beginning Theo was a strong advocate for technology, having held Vice President and Chief Evangelist positions at large, global enterprise software companies, however, over the years, having analysed the trends and software eating the world, he realised that technological advancement at all costs is not necessarily in the best interests of humanity.

These are exciting times to be living in but interesting times require careful foresight into the consequences of the decisions we take in business, technology, and policy that can end up affecting every single one of un here on space ship Earth.

As such, Theo has become an antifuturist. Today, he analysis how future should look through a hyper-critical lens, rather than following the hype.

As the co-author of The Future Starts Now, Theo aims to spread his antifuturist manifesto. He hopes the book will encourage more people, in business and in life, to consider the long-term consequences of the actions they take and support today.

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