Bronwyn Williams futurist

Bronwyn is an opinionated futurist, economist and trend analyst. 

She works as a foresight lead and trend translator for Africa’s leading trends research company, Flux Trends. In this role she has consulted to political and business leaders across the continent. Bronwyn is also a well-known media personality regarding macro economic trends, and she has been invited to speak at hundreds of corporate, media and government events and workshops around the world, explaining how the intersection and complexity of emerging economic, political social and technological trends are set to change the world as we know it, all over again. 

To back up her opinions, Bronwyn holds degrees in marketing and business management, philosophy and future studies, and applied economics from a collection of universities. (She is also fairly confident that she has probably read more books than you have.)

Regarding her personal thoughts on the future, Bronwyn is a self-described techno-optimist and human pessimist. New technology, just like old technology is essentially amoral, neither good, nor bad, but entirely dependant on the individual humans that employ it. And that’s the issue. She is constantly surprised and disappointed at how little humanity seems to have learned from its past mistakes, yet she is surprisingly optimistic that we may all yet (eventually) evolve enough to learn how to get along with each other after all.

When she is not explaining how the world should work, you will probably find her reading a preferably paperback book on ancient philosophy, 20th century science fiction, or contemporary, heretical economics.

As the co-author of The Future Starts Now, Bronwyn is cautiously optimistic that the more people who know about what could go wrong, the more chances we have to make the future go right. The future is too important to leave to the experts. There is no one-size-fits-all utopia. What the future needs most is more individuals taking individual responsibility for the impact of their individual choices on the world around them. In other words, the future needs YOU. 

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