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the future starts now book
The Future Starts Now
Expert Insights into the Future of Business, Technology and Society

Edited by Theo Priestley and Bronwyn Williams
The Future Starts Now provides fascinating insights and guidance into how society and business will transform in the years to come.

“Dizzying, provocative and smart analysis on what should matter to humankind, today and tomorrow. Factual, contemporary and realistic, this story encourages positive thinking about the decisions we must take to deliver on the promise of a better future.” – Martin Jetter, Chairman, IBM Europe, Middle East & Africa

“A fascinating and profoundly inspiring read that offers both practical advice, dazzlingly provocative and exciting ideas and that is a joy to read” – Tom Goodwin, consultant, speaker and author of Digital Darwinism

April 2021

Hardback: 9781472981509: £20

Ebook: 9781472981516: £14

The future is an uncertain, uncomfortable prospect for employees, employers and society at large. A flurry of unprecedented events have proven that, despite what some politicians and economists may tell us, the future is not set in stone. Instead, it is constantly being shaped and redefined by the everyday decisions of individuals and organizations.

In light of this uncertainty, The Future Starts Now looks toward the various innovations and technologies that may shape our future. Authors Theo Priestley and Bronwyn Williams have brought together the world’s leading futurists to articulate and clarify the current trajectories in technology, economics, politics and business.

This is a comprehensive history of tomorrow, exploring groundbreaking topics such as AI, privacy, education and the future of work. While the guidance, insight and predictions are fascinating for anyone curious about what the future may hold, the book also functions as an invaluable guide for business professionals looking to steer their career or their organization with foresight and confidence.

Theo Priestley is a globally recognised and sought after futurist and international speaker, author, and authority on the future of business, technology, and society. He has delivered keynotes at an international array of conferences and corporate events. Theo’s articles have appeared in publications such as Forbes, The European, WIRED, and Huffington Post, and he has provided commentary to UK national press, radio, and television on emerging technology trends. Theo is based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Bronwyn Williams is a leading futurist and trend analyst. She has presented and consulted to businesses, governments and academic institutions across Africa, Europe and the Middle East. She is a TEDx fellow, writer and frequent media commentator. Bronwyn is based in Johannesburg, South Africa.page1image45024896

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