For assistance in designing your own future, for yourself, or for your organisation, get in touch with the Futurists from The Future Starts Now directly, using the directory below:

Bronwyn Williams, futurist, economist, trend analyst and partner at Flux Trends (South Africa)
Web: Twitter: @bronwynwilliams

Theo Priestley, anti-futurist, technologist and keynote speaker (UK)
Web: Twitter: @tprstly

Andrew Vorster, innovation consultant and futurist (UK)
Web: Twitter: @andrewvorster

Anne Skare Nielsen, chief futurist at Universal Futurist (Denmark)
Web: Twitter: @anneskare

Arsam Matin, Founder, Gen Z Futurists
Twitter: @arsamfuturist

Cathy Hackl, futurist, technologist and VR specialist (US)
Web: Twitter: @cathyhackl

Chris Yiu, Executive Director of the Technology and Public Policy team at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change (UK)
Web: Twitter: @clry2

Craig Wing, futurist, global speaker and doctorate candidate
Web: Twitter: @wingnuts

Dali Tembo, Afrofuturist and founder of The Culture Foundry Co (South Africa)
Web: Twitter: @Dali_Tembo

David Tal, Founder and Strategic Foresight Lead at, a world-leading futures research agency (Canada)
Web: Twitter: @davidtalwrites

Dion Chang, founder of Flux Trends, South Africa’s most well-known and well-respected trends and futures consultancy (South Africa)
Web: Twitter: @dionchang

Doug Vining, business and technology futurist and partner at (South Africa)
Web: Twitter: @dougv

Duena Blomstrom, keynote speaker, author, co-founder and CEO of Emotional BankingTM and PeopleNotTech LtdTM (UK)
Web: and Twitter: @DuenaBlomstrom

John Koetsier, storyteller and futurist
Web: Twitter: @johnkoetsier

Kate O’Neill, futurist, founder of KO Insights, author and professional speaker (US)
Web: Twitter: @kateo

Kristina Libby, futurist and CSE at Hypergiant (US)
Web: Twitter: @KristinaLibby

Leah Zaidi, award-winning futurist and the founder of Multiverse Design, a strategic foresight consultancy (Canada)
Web: Twitter: @Leah_Zaidi

Manish Bahl, leading futurist at Center for the Future of Work at Cognizant (India)
Web: Twitter: @mbahl

Mathana, tech ethicist, philosopher, academic and futurist (Germany)
Web: Twitter: @StenderWorld

Nikolas Badminton, global futurist, researcher, speaker, and media commentator (Canada)
Web: Twitter: @NikolasFuturist

Steven D. Marlow, leading academic focused on behaviourism, cognition, the philosophy of other minds and the future of thinking machines (USA)
Web: Twitter: @sd_marlow