“The future isn’t what it used to be. It is now open to the dreamers, thinkers and creatives to create the future that benefits us all. Theo and Bronwyn have personally curated the thoughts of those who care about a brighter, more prosperous future for everyone. The future starts now… with you.” — Brian Solis, digital anthropologist, futurist and author of Lifescale

“A mind-blowing journey that challenges the reader, with essays both fascinating and challenging.” — Michael Dolbec, Executive Managing Director, GE Ventures

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A wonderful compendium from some of today’s most thoughtful futurists, ethicists, economists, technologists, and researchers. If you are curious about what the future holds, this is the place to start.” — Dave Evans, CIO, Computer History Museum

“Bronwyn and Theo have extracted and curated a treasure trove of scenarios, ideas and strategies for succeeding in an increasingly uncertain tomorrow. Devoid of shtick or snake oil, this book is an indispensable tool for the modern business leader.” — Mike Stopforth, Director, Beyond Binary

“A necessary wake-up call! We need to be asking these tougher questions, as part of honest and pragmatic conversations, with a broad range of voices, to avoid sleepwalking into an inhuman future.” — Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor, Deloitte

“Dizzying, provocative and smart analysis on what should matter to humankind, today and tomorrow. Factual, contemporary and realistic, this story encourages positive thinking about the decisions we must take to deliver on the promise of a better future.” — Martin Jetter, Chairman, IBM Europe, Middle East & Africa